BSM special seminar

On Monday 9th May Julian Gargiulo, from the University of Buenos Aires and CIBION institute will visit our group. Please find bellow the information for the seminar he will be giving. Printing and connecting colloidal nanoparticles with optical forces Julian Gargiulo Optical printing is a simple and flexible method to… Continue reading

BSM Seminar

1. Stefano Coppola: ‘Model-free analysis of step-size distributions to detect and quantify stochastic processes in live cells’ 2. Sara Carozza: ‘Excitation Spectroscopy on Gold Nanorods’ Continue reading

Extra BM Seminar

Optical Investigation of Single Perylene Diimides and their Application as Sensitive Probes in Soft Matter Science Stefan Krause One of the most suited probe molecule for soft matter investigations on a single molecule level is the perylene diimide-type system (PDI). This class of fluorophores features high quantum efficiency and photo… Continue reading

BM Seminar

1. Olga Iendaltseva: “Force sensing and transmission in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived pericytes” 2. Pravin Kumar: “Long-range distance constraints for the ?-synuclein fibril structure from pulsed EPR” Continue reading

Extra BM Seminar: Samy Merabia

Samy Merabia Institut Lumière Matière-ILM and Claude Bernard Lyon I University “Nanobubbles around laser-heated nanoparticles” For more information on his recent research in this topic, please refer to the following papers: Kinetics of Nanobubble Generation Around Overheated Nanoparticles. Lombard, J, Biben, T, Merabia, S, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (2014) 105701… Continue reading

BM Seminar

1. Wim Pomp “Single molecule microscopy in a giant liposome based system reveals dynamics in the brain at a molecular level” 2. Mykhailo Azarkh “Temperature determination by EPR at 275 GHz and the detection of temperature jumps”. Continue reading

Extra BM Seminar

Dr Subhasis Adhikari, who will be visiting our group that day will give the following talk: “Temperature Dependent Heterogeneous Single Molecule Dynamics in A Polymer” In the study of glassy polymer systems, there has been a long debate about the nature of heterogeneity of the material near glass transition temperature.… Continue reading